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    Thinking about sharing some feedback? Great!

    While sharing feedback can be helpful, learning how to share effective feedback can be invaluable! Let’s see some examples of what we mean.

    Seek clarification first

    Let’s say you encountered the following scenario. The naming scheme in one of our libraries was outside the norm and it threw you for a loop. You might react and say something like “This library is horrible! Fix it.” However, it would be more useful to us if you inquired about the design choice first. This might start a conversation in finding a better way of achieving our goal.

    Describe the problem instead of the solution

    Often, it’s tempting to prescribe a solution to a problem we come across. But, in most cases, it is usually more helpful to describe the problem instead.

    Describing the problems help us understand what you, our users, care about. This informs our decisions and helps us to find better ways to serve you. Going back to our previous example—in identifying the problem—you could say, “This library’s naming scheme made it cumbersome to use and doubled the file size of my code. This then caused my webpage loading time to increase as well.”

    Got it? Let’s share those feedback!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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